K2Wealth is here to help you reach your financial peak and one way to do that is for you to understand how finances work. Here, we have educational videos that you may take a quick look at regarding different topics. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Life Insurance

Do you know what your life is worth? If the unthinkable happened, would your family who depend on you the most survive financially? Have a look at this video and see why Life insurances are designed to help lessen the financial impact on your dependants following an unexpected turn of events.

Debt Management

The key to managing debt is planning and preparation. Borrowing and spending money is easy, repaying debt is what makes it hard.

Watch this video to learn tips on how to manage debts.

Income Protection

Do you know what would happen if you suddenly couldn’t work? Do you believe you’d still be able to meet payments, rent, or your necessities such as groceries? This video provides an overview of Income Protection, also known as Salary Protection Insurance.

Transition to Retirement

If retiring is in your plans lately, take a look at this video as it explores ways how Transition to Retirement Strategy can assist you in boosting the value of your super prior to retiring.

Managed Funds

Anything you need to learn about Managed funds is in this video.

Trauma Insurance

What happens when trauma happens or a critical illness befalls you?
Trauma insurance is living insurance and is designed to help make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle after suffering a traumatic event.