Portfolio Reviews – Creating a Solid Financial Foundation

The secret to growing your wealth is simple: you must build it on a solid financial foundation.

But what does that actually mean?

Your financial foundation is solid when your income is protected. This protection ensures you’re able to meet your financial obligations and responsibilities, no matter what happens. With a solid financial foundation, you can save, invest, budget, and plan with confidence, knowing that your financial foundation will weather any storm.

That’s why financial portfolio reviews are so important.

Why Review My Portfolio?

Portfolio reviews are about ensuring that you have all the products and other items you need to create a solid financial foundation. This may include life insurance products, and an estate plan. At K2 Wealth, we love assisting people with portfolio reviews. We confirm you have what you need, or point out what you’re missing.

Portfolio reviews also involve ensuring that each product in your portfolio is appropriate and affordable, so you have the best financial foundation for you. Where relevant, we may suggest cheaper products or highlight key features you’re currently missing.

As your circumstances change, so does the make-up of your ideal financial foundation. Changing jobs, buying a home, marrying, divorcing, having a child – all directly affect what constitutes your ideal portfolio. That’s why you should regularly review your portfolio to ensure it’s always cost effective and appropriate to your needs.

The Review Process

The portfolio review process is simple and straightforward.

We meet with you to discuss your circumstances, goals, and plans. Then, we review your existing insurances, super accounts, and investments to ensure they’re appropriate for you.

If we find an area for improvement, we help you take action. This may involve moving to a more affordable or comprehensive product, consolidating your super, or adding/removing an item. Not only do we check you have the insurance you need, and the most suitable super fund, we also ensure everything’s structured so it’s tax effective and affordable.

(We follow this process with all our clients. Here’s what a few of them had to say about reviewing their portfolios with K2 Wealth.)

Lay Your Foundation Today

Building a solid financial foundation is the secret to growing your wealth. And it all starts with having the right portfolio.

If you’d like to ensure your portfolio is structured to provide a solid financial foundation for you and your family, we’d love to help.

Call K2 Wealth today on (07) 3368 2002 or send us a message to arrange an initial meeting at our expense.