Estate Planning – Ensuring all Your Affairs are in Order

In an archway, the most important stone is the keystone.

The keystone is the stone at the centre of the top of the arch. It’s the stone that all the other stones lean against. With it, the archway stands, strong and sturdy. Without it, the entire thing comes crashing down.

When it comes to financial planning, your estate plan is the keystone in your financial arch. With it, you can be confident all your affairs are in order and your family and loved ones will be taken care of when you die. Without it, your financial plan could ultimately crumble.

Why You Need an Estate Plan

If you have a financial plan, then you need an estate plan.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money now, a proper financial plan means that your estate will have money when you die. This may include a life insurance benefit, and other insurance payments such as trauma or total and permanent disability benefits. You need to ensure that the money from these benefits will go to the right people after you pass away. After all, there’s no point designing a portfolio to protect your family financially if the money won’t end up with your family.

What is an Estate Plan?

Generally speaking, proper estate planning involves organising not only a valid Will, but also your Enduring Power of Attorney and any necessary binding death nominations. These are the instruments that allow you to leave instructions about who your assets, money, insurance payments, and superannuation should go to.

Organising Your Estate Plan

At K2 Wealth, we don’t do estate planning. We leave that to qualified lawyers.

What we do, however, is refer you to trusted lawyers, and follow up with you to make sure your estate plan is put in place. As part of our regular review process, we also check with you to ensure your Enduring Power of Attorney and binding death nominations are up to date and remain appropriate.

Getting Started

If you’re serious about protecting yourself and your family with a proper financial plan, then you’ll be serious about organising a proper estate plan. To get started, call us on (07) 3368 2002.