Self-Managed Super Funds – Planning Your Future

Self-managed superannuation funds are becoming an increasingly popular option for Australians who want more control over their retirement savings.

With a self-managed superannuation fund (or “SMSF”), you can enjoy greater flexibility and personal choice than you might find in a regular superannuation fund.

However, you’ll also have more responsibilities. Because at the end of the day, the buck stops with the trustee. And that’s you.

Because of this, it’s important to consider whether an SMSF is the most appropriate type of super fund for you. That means looking at your retirement plan and investment strategy, and ensuring that an SMSF will enhance your strategies, not become a burden.

Making the Right Decision

Generally speaking, a self-managed superannuation fund is more suitable for sophisticated investors. However, just because you’re a sophisticated investor, doesn’t mean you need an SMSF.

At K2 Wealth, we can help you determine whether an SMSF is an appropriate addition to your investment and retirement strategy. We don’t administer SMSFs (we leave that to your accountant), but we do make sure you get all the facts before you decide whether you need one.

If you decide to go ahead with setting up an SMSF, we work with you to ensure you fulfil any mandatory requirements, and take care of anything else important, such as setting up an appropriate estate plan. Once again, we leave this to qualified professionals in the relevant industries. What we do take care of, however, is providing you with the advice and guidance you need along the way, so you can make appropriate, informed decisions.

Beginning Your SMSF Journey

If you’d like to determine whether a self-managed superannuation fund is an appropriate strategy for you, we can help. We can meet with you in our Brisbane office at Spring Hill, or at your home or a nearby café – whichever’s most convenient for you.

To set up an initial meeting at our expense, call K2 Wealth today on (07) 3368 2002.