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Renovating The Smart Way? Avoid These Four Mistakes

Never renovated a property before? Here are four mistakes to avoid when it’s home improvement time. Mistake 1: Not doing enough research Don’t start work without knowing the details. You need to research building materials and tradespeople and understand the legal and regulatory aspects of a renovation. Find out how much materials and tradies cost. […]


New online bank set to launch in 2019

A new, online-focused bank is coming to Australia in the hope it can lure customers from the big four banking giants. The bank- which will be called 86 400 after the number of seconds in a day – will start offering transaction and savings accounts from early next year followed by home loans by June. […]


Renovation jobs you can do yourself – and those you shouldn’t

When it’s time to renovate, everyone wants to save money. It’s fine to be hands-on for some tasks, but there are a few projects that are definitely not DIY friendly. Here’s a guide to what you may want to do yourself and what you should leave to the professionals. What to do yourself Painting A […]

6 Emergency Numbers To Have On Hand

There are some phone numbers it is important to have easy access to, particularly in an emergency situation or if you find yourself stranded for whatever reason. Everyone’s situation is different though so it’s worth sitting down and compiling a list for yourself. Write them down and keep them in your wallet or by your […]

Most Young Adults Will Live To 70

The risk of dying during middle age has dropped substantially and Australians in their twenties have an almost 90 per cent chance of surviving until the age of 70, according to a new study. In light of the findings, researchers have called for more to be done to help Australians live disability-free lives in old […]