6 Emergency Numbers To Have On Hand

There are some phone numbers it is important to have easy access to, particularly in an emergency situation or if you find yourself stranded for whatever reason.

Everyone’s situation is different though so it’s worth sitting down and compiling a list for yourself. Write them down and keep them in your wallet or by your landline, or store them in your mobile, either way, make sure they are easy to get to. Below are a few suggestions to get you started.


  1. Emergency services
    000 (Australia) and 111 (New Zealand).
  2. After hours medical assistance
    National GP Help Line (Aus) 1800 022 222 and National Healthline (NZ) 0800 611 116.
  3. Poison information Centre
    13 11 26 (Aus) and 0800 764 766 (NZ).
  4. Roadside help
    Your roadside assistance or vehicle insurer in the case of theft, accident or breakdown.
  5. Next of kin
    Your next of kin or a reliable friend’s phone number in case you need to get hold of someone.
  6. Banking
    Your bank or credit card provider’s emergency hotline in the case your card is missing or stolen.


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