Life Insurance – Ensuring Your Loved Ones are Taken Care Of

We all prefer to avoid thinking about our own death.

But if you have a family, you do need to spare it some thought. In particular, you should ask yourself the following: What would happen to my loved ones if I were suddenly taken from them?

It’s a sobering thought, isn’t it? Are you comfortable with your answer?

If not, then it’s time you considered taking out an appropriate life insurance policy.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance (technically “term life insurance”) is a form of insurance that’s designed to ensure your loved ones are taken care of financially if something ever happens to you and you’re not there to take care of them yourself.

A life insurance policy pays your beneficiaries a lump sum after you die. This money can help pay for your funeral and related expenses, or even give your family an ongoing income so they won’t be financially strained (or worse) after your death.

Do I Need Life Insurance?

While there are some circumstances in which people don’t need life insurance, most of us do require some form of life insurance.

Perhaps you have children at school or a mortgage. You may be planning to start a family, or have dependants with a disability. Or you may be your family’s main income earner.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, or you have similar responsibilities, you need to consider life insurance. After all, who’ll pay for these expenses when you’re gone? With an appropriate life insurance policy, all that can be taken care of.

Choosing the Right Life Insurance

Your life insurance benefit (the money your family is paid) can be big or small. Generally speaking, the bigger the benefit, the more expensive the policy. So when choosing a policy, you’ll need to balance your family’s future needs with what you can afford now.

Obviously, this is no easy task. That’s why we recommend you seek qualified, professional advice from a financial planner when choosing an appropriate life insurance policy. (Click here to discover why our clients are glad they did just that.)

Protect Your Loved Ones

At K2 Wealth, we’ve spent over a decade protecting families with affordable and appropriate life insurance policies. We’d love to help protect your family too.

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