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Reliable Financial Planning Services for Your Accounting Clients

As an accountant, your clients trust you to help them with one of the most personal and important matters in their life: money matters. Your services help people to grow their wealth and business, and to avoid any unfortunate run-ins with the tax office. It’s an important service for one of the most important areas […]

Financial Planning for Dentists – Protecting Your Business & Family

As a dentist, you face a number of unique challenges in your job – especially if you own and run a dental practice of your own. But whether you’re completely new to the dental scene, or you’re working in a long-standing, established practice, you’ll have one thing in common with other dentists across Australia: you’re […]

Getting Your Estate in Order: A (Real Life) Cautionary Tale

If you’ve been married 2+ times, or have kids with 2+ partners, it’s important to leave sensible & sensitive instructions for distributing your estate. Here’s why. As a life insurance adviser, I’m often involved with the families of clients who have passed away. Over the years, I’ve seen many tragic or troubling experiences that could […]

Making a Life, TPD, Trauma, or Income Protection Claim

Insurance is designed to protect you (and often your loved ones) when something negative and unexpected happens. It’s a bit of a cliché, but the best insurance is one you never have to make a claim on. Insurance is designed to protect you (and often your loved ones) when something negative and unexpected happens. In […]

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Income Protection – What Is It & Do You Need It?

Income protection will support this family if their main income earner is unable to work due to illness, injury, or permanent/temporary disability. Have you ever thought about what would happen to you – and your family – if you suddenly found yourself unable to work? It’s an unpleasant question to consider. But it’s an important […]