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How do you compare to other renters?

  Fears about potential eviction, blacklisting, and rent hikes are stopping one-in-seven Australian tenants from making complaints about or requesting repairs on rental properties. A report by affordable housing, tenant and consumer groups says there’s an “entrenched culture of fear among renters” and that the significant power imbalance between landlords and tenants must be addressed. […]

Do we need Life Insurance?

Consider a few things: if you are married, have dependent children, other dependent relatives, have major financial obligations, own a business, or a large estate that will take time to distribute–If you have two or three out of these mentioned, then you probably need life insurance.   Life insurance can protect you and your loved […]

Financial Planning for Partnership Businesses

Going into business in a partnership can be a wonderful experience. But partnership businesses also come with unique challenges and risks. Because in a partnership, there are two key people in the business – you and your partner. Which means if something bad happens to you, it could spell disaster for your partner too (and […]

Income Protection – What Is It & Do You Need It?

Income protection will support this family if their main income earner is unable to work due to illness, injury, or permanent/temporary disability. Have you ever thought about what would happen to you – and your family – if you suddenly found yourself unable to work? It’s an unpleasant question to consider. But it’s an important […]