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House hunters turn to Brisbane.

House hunters are steering away from Sydney and Melbourne and turning their attention to Brisbane, according to property data group CoreLogic. Investors are being turned off by affordability constraints in Sydney and Melbourne, and the sentiment that both markets are currently at their peak, CoreLogic head of research Tim Lawless says. More investors and prospective […]

How much are aussies losing in loose change?

Australians are losing about $466 million a year in loose change which they consider inconvenient and too bulky to carry around, a survey has found. The ING study found millennials were the worst culprits, with almost half of people aged 18-34 losing up to $10 a month in loose change. ING’s Tim Newman says most […]

High carb diet worse than high fat, study shows.

Health experts have controversially called for an overhaul of dietary guidelines after a large international study found a diet high in carbohydrate is associated with greater risk of premature death, not a diet high in fat. A study of more than 135,000 people from 18 countries, published in the respected medical journal The Lancet, found […]

Preparing your property and assets for a storm.

With the wintery weather upon us, it’s never been more important to make sure your home is protected from the elements. So what are the best ways to prepare your property and assets for increasingly stormy winters? 1. Perform maintenance regularly Exposure to the elements can cause the condition of your property to deteriorate over […]

What is objective-based financial advice and why should you seek it?

Objective-based financial advice has become hugely popular over the last few years in Australia. How does it differ from more traditional financial advice and why should you be asking your adviser about it? The difference between traditional and objective-based advice Traditionally, financial advice has tended to be more general – the ways in which you’ve […]

Super focused: Your annual super statement.

As a superannuation fund member, you’ll be receiving your annual statement soon from your super fund either electronically or through the mail. Your statement is often a good touch point on how you’re progressing with your retirement nest egg. Regardless of your current stage of life, it’s important to review your statement, as superannuation plays […]